SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 Subject-Wise PDF Free

SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 Havaldar 2023 PDF – Along with the official notification, the Commission has also made the SSC MTS 2023 syllabus available online. MTS syllabus pdf is divided into four sections, including English Language and Comprehension, General Awareness, Reasoning Ability and Problem Solving, and Numerical and Mathematical Ability.

SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 Download Subject-Wise PDF

Candidates who intend to sit for the SSC MTS 2023 exam must carefully review the syllabus pdf. The SSC MTS exam syllabus 2023 must be understood by candidates in order for them to pass the test. The topics and sections on which the SSC MTS exam question paper will be based are all covered in the SSC MTS 2023 syllabus. Here is a link to the SSC MTS syllabus from last year.

SSC MTS 2023 Syllabus PDF

The SSC MTS 2023 syllabus consists of four sections:

  • Reasoning Ability and Problem Solving
  • Numerical Aptitude
  • English Language and Comprehension
  • General Awareness

The syllabus for each section is as follows:

1. Reasoning Ability and Problem Solving

  • Logical Reasoning
    • Analogies
    • Series
    • Classification
    • Coding and Decoding
    • Mathematical Operations
    • Drawing inferences
    • Problem Solving
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Spatial Reasoning
    • Diagrammatic Reasoning
    • Data Interpretation

2. Numerical Aptitude

  • Numbers
    • Integers and Whole Numbers
    • LCM and HCF
    • Decimals and Fractions
    • Relationships between numbers
    • Fundamental Arithmetic Operations and BODMAS
  • Percentage
    • Ratio and Proportions
    • Direct and inverse Proportions
    • Averages
    • Simple Interest
    • Profit and Loss
    • Discount
  • Algebra
    • Basic Algebraic Operations
    • Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Geometry
    • Basic Geometric Figures
    • Mensuration
    • Trigonometry
  • Data Interpretation
    • Interpretation of simple graphs and data

3. English Language and Comprehension

  • Grammar
    • Parts of Speech
    • Phrases and Clauses
    • Sentence Structure
    • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Vocabulary
    • Word Meaning
    • Word Usage
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Cloze Test
    • Para Jumbles
    • Active/Passive Voice
    • Narrations

4. General Awareness

  • Current Affairs
    • National and International
    • Science and Technology
    • History and Culture
    • Geography
    • Polity and Economy
    • Social Issues

The SSC MTS 2023 syllabus is a full list of all the topics that will be on the test. It’s important for candidates to know the syllabus and start getting ready as soon as possible. There are many ways for people to prepare for the SSC MTS exam, such as through online courses, practise tests, and study materials.

SSC MTS 2023 Exam Pattern

Understanding the exam format will help candidates prepare more effectively for the SSC MTS 2023 exam. The format of the test, the number of sections, the number of questions in each section, the number of marks assigned to each section, and the time limit are all included in the SSC MTS 2023 exam pattern, also known as the scheme of examination.

Here’s how the SSC MTS 2023 exam will be set up:

  • The type of test is a computer-based exam (CBE).
  • Total Marks: 270
  • There are 90 of them.
  • Duration: 90 minutes


  • Reasoning Skills and Solving Problems (Section I) – 30 questions – 60 marks
  • Numerical Aptitude (Section-II) – 30 questions – 60 marks
  • English Language and Comprehension (Section-III): 20 questions, 30 points
  • General Knowledge (Section IV) is made up of 10 questions worth 20 points.
  • Negative Marking: In Section-II, you will lose 0.25 points for every wrong answer. In Section-I, there will be no points taken away.
  • Languages: All but English, the test will be given in 15 languages.
  • Qualification Criteria: The minimum passing score for Tier-I will be 35% for General Category and 30% for Reserved Category.

Those who do well on the Tier-I exam will be allowed to take the Tier-II test.

The SSC MTS 2023 exam is very different from the ones that came before it. The test is now given in two parts, and Section-II has points that can be taken away. The candidates need to know how the test will be set up and start studying accordingly.

SSC MTS 2023 Study Advice

  • Get going early. The SSC MTS exam is competitive, so you should start studying as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to learn everything on the list and do enough practise questions.
  • Make a plan to study. Once you’ve started getting ready, it’s important to make a plan for how you’ll study. This will help you stay on track and make sure you talk about everything important.
  • Set goals that are doable. When studying for the SSC MTS exam, it’s important to set goals that are reasonable. This will keep you motivated and keep you from feeling too much.
  • Use the correct tools. There are a lot of things that can help you study for the SSC MTS exam. There are online courses, practise tests, and study materials among these resources.
  • Practise every day. Practising often is the best way to get ready for the SSC MTS exam. This will help you get faster and better at what you do.
  • Make good use of your time. The SSC MTS exam is timed, so you need to make good use of your time. This means that you have to be able to answer the questions in the time given.
  • Don’t worry. When you are getting ready for the SSC MTS exam, it is important to stay positive and motivated. This will help you keep your mind on the goal and not give up.

Here are a few more tips you might find useful:

  • Join a group to study. When you study with others, you can keep each other motivated and learn from each other.
  • Take breaks. When you study, it’s important to take breaks. This will help you stay on task and keep you from getting tired.
  • Believe in yourself. The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and your ability to pass the SSC MTS exam. If you work hard and keep a good attitude, you will do well.

SSC MTS Test Questions 2023

The SSC will deliver the SSC MTS 2023 exam questions. For better preparation, candidates can download the SSC MTS question paper 2023 PDF. Students will better understand the exam structure by using the SSC MTS 2023 sample questions.

  • SSC MTS Mock Test 2023 in Hindi & English:
  • SSC MTS Mock Test 2023 FREE, Practice Online Test Series:
  • SSC MTS Online Test Series 2023:
  • SSC MTS 2023 Mock Test released on, here’s direct link:
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You can also find SSC MTS test questions on the websites of various coaching institutes.

Commonly Asked Question (FAQs)

Is there a nagative marking for wrong answers on the SSC MTS test?

Yes, you can lose marks on the SSC MTS exam. Every wrong answer will cost you 0.25 marks. But there are no marks taken away in the section on reasoning and solving problems.

How many Marks are there in the SSC MTS exam as a whole?

There are 270 possible marks on the SSC MTS exam. There are four parts to the test, and each one is worth 60 marks.

How many marks do you need to pass the SSC MTS test?

For the SSC MTS exam, the lowest possible score needed to pass is 35% for the General Category and 30% for the Reserved Category.

How are people tested for the SSC MTS exam?

The computer-based examination (CBE) for SSC MTS is a CBE. This means that the test will be given on a computer.

When does the SSC MTS test happen?

Two times a year, in June and December, the SSC MTS exam is given.

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