Empowering India: PM Modi Distributes Over 51,000 Appointment Letters at Rozgar Mela

Rozgar Mela: The Indian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has shown a strong dedication to creating jobs. Recently, the Prime Minister handed out over 51,000 appointment letters to newly hired individuals. These letters are an important part of the Government’s main job creation initiative called Rozgar Mela. The campaign aims to offer 1 million government jobs by starting with this significant milestone.

Rozgar Mela: The Grand Initiative

The government’s Rozgar Mela has taken place in 37 locations across the country. Prime Minister Modi praised the initiative during the ceremony where appointment letters were handed out. He expressed his excitement, saying that thousands of young people have already received government jobs, and on this day alone, more than 50,000 youth have been employed. He compared the occasion to Diwali, a significant festival in India, highlighting the importance of this effort.

Nationwide Impact

Recruitment is happening not only in central government departments but also in different states and Union Territories that support this initiative. Various departments like railways, posts, home affairs, revenue, higher education, school education and literacy, health, and family welfare are participating in this effort. The involvement of different departments shows the wide range of job opportunities being created.

Uniting the Nation

The recruits in the Rozgar Mela come from different parts of India. They are chosen to show how India is united in creating jobs. The organizers of the event believe it is an important way to fulfill the Prime Minister’s promise to prioritize job creation.

A Source of Change for Improvement

The Indian government launched a campaign to empower and involve young people in the development of the country. It’s not just about creating jobs, but also about making them feel like active contributors and owners of the country’s progress. This initiative started in October 2022 and aims to provide 1 million government jobs, which could have a significant impact on India’s employment situation.


Over 51,000 job offer letters from the government were given out at Rozgar Mela. This is a big step towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of creating more jobs. The initiative started in October 2022 and has the potential to bring happiness to thousands of families in India, similar to the joy of Diwali. Rozgar Mela is bringing the country together to empower young people and contribute to national development. It is a symbol of progress and hope for the future.

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