Education News: Bihar Government Actions on Teacher Salaries and Suspensions

The Bihar State Education Department has recently punished many school teachers. They have deducted the salaries of 2,081 teachers and suspended 22 others for breaking teaching rules in the past four months. This is part of a bigger plan to make the education system better and make sure teachers are responsible for what they do.

Salary Deductions and Suspensions

The main focus of these actions has been on teachers who were absent from their duties without permission. So far, the department has already taken away the salaries of 2,081 teachers for being absent without permission. In addition, recommendations for salary deductions have been sent to 590 more teachers. This shows that the department is committed to making sure teachers are present in schools regularly.

22 teachers have been suspended for breaking rules, and 49 more might also get suspended. These strict actions show that the government is serious about maintaining order and high quality in education.

Recommendations for Dismissal

The Bihar Education Department has suggested firing 17 teachers for breaking the Bihar School Teachers’ Recruitment Rules in the past four months. This shows the department’s dedication to maintaining the teaching profession’s integrity.

Challenges and Criticism

The government’s actions have sparked some disagreement. The Nitish Kumar government has been criticized for removing the names of 2,190,020 students from government schools because they were absent, including 266,000 students who were supposed to take class 10 and 12 board exams. Both the allies of the Mahagathbandhan government in Bihar and the opposition BJP have asked for the order to be reversed right away.

Nitish Kumar government has been criticized for removing the names of 2,190,020 students from government schools

Ongoing Inspections and Monitoring

The reason for these actions is that the education department has started checking schools more thoroughly. These inspections started on July 1, following instructions from the additional chief secretary, KK Pathak. They have been ongoing, with officers inspecting schools from the block to the district level in accordance with a department-prepared schedule. The goal of these inspections is to make sure teachers are regularly present and to promptly address any teaching violations.

Teacher Associations’ Demands

Teacher associations want the department to stop punishing teachers with actions like deducting their salary, suspending them, or firing them. They also want all contract teachers who have been working in government schools for many years to be treated as government employees. The teacher associations have threatened to protest against the government with determination if their demands are not met.

Political Opposition and Criticism

The Communist Party of India Liberation, which is part of the Mahagathbandhan government in Bihar, strongly disagrees with the department’s choice to take away the names of students from government schools for not attending. Vijay Kumar Sinha, the leader of the opposition in the Bihar assembly, has also demanded that the students’ enrollments be restored promptly.

Minister Unavailable for Comments

The press has tried to contact Bihar Education Minister Chandra Shekhar about this issue, but he hasn’t said anything about it. It’s important to mention that the state education department has taken strict actions to improve the education quality in the state.

In conclusion, the Bihar government has taken steps to deduct the salaries of absent teachers, suspend those who break teaching rules, and suggest firing them. These actions show their dedication to improving the education system in the state. People have both supported and criticized these actions, and it’s unclear what will happen next because of the growing opposition.

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